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MISS KNOCKOUT A.K.A. TRUE TO THE GAME. Miss Knockout comes from South Jamaica, Queens. Starting as an Independent hip hop artist she decided to go study and explored the actors world. Thru hard work and dedication she is making her presence known booking major commercials, billboard ads, Television appearances, she is making her presence known. You might have seen her in the Beats by Dre commercial with Kevin Garnett yelling “you all washed up” at him, Orange is the new black as a reoccurring inmate, Basketball wives and the new movie “Free the nipple” to name a few.  And with that said, a certain mentality comes with growing up in South Jamaica, Queens; once you set out to do something, you’re so determined that no one can stop you… In 2012 she was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and fought like a warrior to combat this disease while never missing a beat with her grind. With no major male counter point behind her she’s making way with her style personality and hit writing talent. Let’s go deep into Miss Knockout’s world.

A female rapper is a female whom just raps miss knockout is not defined as a rap chic she’s more than that she is an artist whom does not limit herself to just hip hop she is a writer who is read by millions and a business women who takes her brand seriously. 

Coming up in foster homes, her adopted parents both passed away one month apart. This sent her yet to another home. And since 16, she has been on her own. KNOCKOUT has been performing since 14; starting out learning to Dee Jay at first. Learning tricks and jumping on the wheels as the secret weapon for most of the parties in the hood. No matter where the audience was she put it down: on the corner of the block, the subway parks, you name it. School was boring her, but when she did show up, she would maintain her straight A average. This boggled teachers who soon discovered she read excessively at home and wrote what they thought was complicated poetry, but turned out to be her freestyle for a demo she was dropping after school. Back then and to date, she’s in the game because she really loves it and not for money or nice clothes. Soon she was at every battle in the NYC area; mostly all guys back then, because for some reason, girls wouldn’t come out too much. Her angle was not the bouncy flow, but a flow with authority. She would always win or be runner up. When she started to study the game, she found that battle rappers couldn’t sell records. It was like a jinx; so she got out of what she referred to as battle mode and focused on making songs. Her friends went to college and she stood by hip hop faithfully, like holy matrimony. She began interning here and there, go to free seminars to network and do some showcases. Watching the game change right before her eyes, all she could think of was why there are only four girls out in all these years; and why, if we are so few, are we fighting amongst ourselves. You see, the label switched gears on females because they felt that all females were the same, neck-snapping divas with bad attitudes. This made it challenging to find her niche. So she decided to create her own market; first by setting up a night with a live band at New York’s legendary Nell’s Night Club in Manhattan. This prompted an advertising agency to do a radio ad with her for Seagram’s Gin Bumpy Bottle Campaign. Then she did a showcase, with her opening and then other acts following, which packed two levels at Club Downtime in Manhattan. This ultimately led her to do a monthly showcase called Rock the Mic Right Showcase. This showcase helped make her a recognized name in the business. At about that time was when Jean Claude the Funky Pirate, a club promoter introduced her to Francky Moulet, a legendary bass player whom she renamed Dr. Dre from France. He recruited her for the compilation album called From Paris to Brooklyn on Relief Records; also home to Narhed (out on a rock), Francky’s partner and fellow artist. This album features collabos with M1 and Sean Price and many rappers and R&B singers blended with Francky’s ever changing beats. You see, this couldn’t come at a better time. Sometimes you have to sit back and study the game so you know what not to do. Now you won’t hear her say she rhymes like a guy or brag about her deep voice because what’s going to send her flying of the shelves is she’s different, with her own style like no one else. People are tired of jealous acting rap chicks. Let’s show people we are intelligent, but have authority; sexy, but complex. Easy Mo bee one of the greatest producers of our times doesn’t co-sign just anyone as a matter of fact Miss Knockout is the first artist he ever wrote a letter of recommendation for. “She never ever has ceased to amaze me with her “go in” vocal style, cadence on the mic and overall knack for creating catchy hooks. This is exactly what I look forward to when she graces the booth in my Honeycomb Studio for songs that I’m about to produce for her upcoming album project.” With 2 albums done she does not box herself into one sound lacing Hip hop, R & B, house tracks she doesn’t limit herself from the popular top 40 market but still lyrically inclined to capture the underground market. Not too many artists can write hit songs and take it to the streets to hang with the boys.

As a published writer at Floss Magazine, Miss Knockout has interviewed and wrote articles on major Artist such as 50 Cent and G Unit, Keyshia Cole, E-40,Trey Songz, Patricia Fields, Rachel Roy,Busta Rhymes, Jada Kiss and Soulja boy Tellem to name a few. She stumbled upon an all female music website called Queenpenz, loaded up her songs and lock jaws into the No. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 spots on the charts for four months. The owners declared her the face of Queenpenz and have her hosting her own radio show at blogtalkradio.com/queenpenz every Sunday from 2p.m. ‘til 4 p.m. Some of New York’s biggest DJs like DJ Self at Power 105, has played her songs in the club. She is a 2 time winner of “Best female rap artist” category in the upper New York state music awards.  An internet beast with 35 million hits on Myspace and 25,000 plus fan base combined on YouTube, reverbnation, Facebook and twitter her constant growing buzz is making her relevant among her peers. She’s confident and not intimidated by challenges women are often faced with in the business. “Female rap artists, I believe, would go much further in realizing each of us has something different and unique to the game. Sacrificing a career, college, maybe a family, because you are so determined to do something you love is a gamble. And it looks like the bet will finally pay off because the buzz is on and it only takes the right opportunity to present itself to MISS KNOCKOUT and the game will never be the same. With MISS KNOCKOUT comes change; and change is inevitable. She’s confident and ready to lead by example and break the cycle for females in the industry. Meet Miss Knockout she is more than just a Rap chic!

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